Ceramic vs. Non-ceramic Window Tint in Ventura County: What’s the difference?

There are many great reasons why we decide to tint our car windows. We may want the extra privacy that tinted windows can afford. We might prioritize our health and want to block out UV rays which can harm our skin. Or we may appreciate the aesthetic of tinted windows and look forward to upgrading our cars. Still, some questions remain: what are the differences between different films? Why is Ceramic Window Tint more expensive than Classic Window Tint? How can I get my preferred level of shade? Which material is right for me? And ultimately one of the biggest questions that our customers in Ventura ask is: which product will help keep my car cooler?

There are multiple window tint options, such as dyed, ceramic, and metalized. The difference between each of the film types is the materials used. At Elite Window Tinting, we offer a range of styles and shades of the highest quality materials for our customers here in Ventura County. We believe in the quality of Llumar Window Film technology, and so we offer both ceramic and non-ceramic dyed versions of their products. Non-ceramic dyed films include an ultra-thin dyed layer, while ceramic films have an additional ultra-thin ceramic nanoparticle layer. We don’t usually install metalized films because of their tendency to affect modern car electronics, including cell phones, GPS, and radio signals. Ceramic Window Tint is a modern solution that offers both improved performance, and no detrimental effect on modern electronics for our customers here in Ventura & Camarillo.

The differences between ceramic and non-ceramic window tints by LLumar are almost indistinguishable to the average viewer. Both options are equipped with scratch-resistant top layers and come in a range of shades. Both ceramic and non-ceramic materials help reduce fading caused by sun exposure and help block out annoying sun glare. Unlike metalized films, ceramic and dyed films won’t interfere with electronic signals like GPS.

The biggest difference between Llumar ceramic and non-ceramic films is the level of temperature control through the amount of infrared light blocked by the window tint. Dyed films rely on the darkness of the shade to determine heat resistance, with darker shades blocking out more heat. Ceramic films are excellent at heat protection for all shades. You won’t lose heat protection with a lighter tint or a clear film. The Llumar AIR Series includes air80 and air90 versions which are almost indistinguishable to your car’s factory setting windows. And yet even without a dyed layer, this clear window tint is able to reduce surface temperatures by at least 26° F and block up to 99% of UV rays.

The Llumar AIR Series:

In sunny cities like Ventura, UV protection, temperature control, and sun glare reduction is necessary for every driver to stay safe and comfortable. For these reasons, Ventura residents should strongly consider Formula One Ceramic Window Tint by Llumar. The Stratos Window Film line in particular offers a large shade range, from its darkest shade of 15 to its lightest of 70, as well as shades 30, 40, and 50 in-between. Each shade offers identical or similar levels of UV protection and temperature control because of the ultra-thin ceramic layer that comes built-in with every Llumar Ceramic Window Tint.

Shades offered with the Stratos Window Film:

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