Tesla Model Y Gets Ceramic Window Tint | Formula One Stratos | Elite Window Tinting Ventura

Elite Window Tinting, located in Ventura, California, specializes in high-quality window tint for your cars, homes, offices, storefronts, boats, RVs, and residential areas. We only use the highest-quality materials when tinting your vehicle. We pride ourselves on being recognized as the Llumar Select Pro FormulaOne Western Regional dealer of the year for 2019.

One of our latest projects was a 2020 Tesla Model Y. Tesla is a company that specializes in manufacturing electric cars. Tesla is known for its innovative designs and forward-thinking innovations. Tesla is becoming increasingly more popular all over the world. The Tesla Model Y is Tesla’s first crossover utility vehicle (CUV) sedan and is considered a follow-up to the famous Tesla Model X SUV.

As every car is built differently, we use 20+ years of experience to address these variations, ensuring that your vehicle is tinted with a high level of skill and cared for with individualized attention to give you the best service and results. In particular, Tesla models like the Tesla Model Y or Tesla Model 3 have signature curved windows that differentiate themselves from other models. Does this change in window shape present a challenge to window tinters? Not for us here at Elite Window Tinting. We use the latest professional-grade tools to cut shape and install the window tint for the best installation. From quarter windows to sunroofs, our equipment makes it possible to provide a quality window tint installation for any vehicle type. We strive for the best possible results to ensure that the window tint blends seamlessly with the windows of your car.

For this Tesla Model Y specifically, we did a full ceramic window tint with Formula One Stratos Ceramic Tint. This particular film is LLumar’s highest performance automotive window tint. It has been proven that this ceramic window tint is more effective at beating out the heat in comparison to lower quality ceramic and standard tints that don’t have this level of technology. The Formula One Stratos Ceramic tint blocks up to 99% of UV rays and 97% of infrared heat. With this ceramic layer protection, your skin is less susceptible to sun damage and skin damage.

Additionally, this ceramic window tint keeps the temperature in your car cooler, so you do not have to rely on your AC as often or worry about finding parking in the shade. Cars with ceramic window tint stay cooler than cars without ceramic window tint after sitting in the hot sun. Whether you are in Ventura, Ojai, or Santa Barbara, finding parking that is hidden from the sun can be quite the mission. Check out the services we offer here at Elite Window Tinting in Ventura to get a tint that cools down your car’s interior so that even if there is no parking with shade, your vehicle will be more relaxed under the Ventura County sunshine.

We are proud of our work and are always searching for new window tint methods and new technologies, thus allowing us to stay on top of our craft and enable us to give you all of the knowledge and options for what type of tinting we can do for your vehicle. If you are interested in learning more about what Ventura’s Elite Window Tinting has to offer, check out our website or give us a ring at our Ventura shop at (805) 664-8069. We proudly serve all of Ventura County and the Santa Barbara area. We look forward to connecting with you.

Furthermore, we believe in transparency with our clients. You can check out our Youtube channel to see the process of our tinting jobs and the cars we have tinted at our Ventura office. Check out this video of Elite Window Tinting owner Bryan Haase installing window tint on a Tesla Model Y here in Ventura:

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