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Let’s face it, everybody wants their vehicle tinted. We all have our reasons why we want it: the looks, the privacy, the protection from harmful UV rays, glare reduction, and heat rejection. We offer a wide range of films to choose from to ensure we have exactly what you’re looking for. We the highest quality materials from LLumar and Formula One window films. These films come in a wide range of shades and types, including premium dyed, metallized, and nano-ceramic. Every film option offers 99% UV protection and has a lifetime warranty, but differs in the amount of infrared heat rejected.

Choose the Window Film that Suits You

Level 1 – Classic Window Film (Non-Ceramic)

Shades of Classic Available:

Formula One Classic is our standard premium non ceramic film window film. This material provides glare reduction, privacy, aesthetics, and 99% UV protection. This tint helps reduce some heat, but not nearly as much as our ceramic tint options.

Level 2 – CTX Window Film (Ceramic)

Shades of CTX Available:

Llumar CTX is our first Ceramic window film option. This film provides glare reduction, privacy, aesthetics, 99% UV protection, and between 65%- 80% infrared heat rejection (depending on which shade you pick) without interfering with electronic signals i.e. AM/FM, GPS, etc, because it is a NON metallized film.

This is a good heat rejection option that rejects more heat than our classic non-ceramic window tint, but less than Pinnacle and Stratos.

Level 3 – Pinnacle Window Film (Ceramic)

Shades of Pinnacle Available:

Formula One Pinnacle is our second Ceramic window film option. This material provides glare reduction, privacy, aesthetics, 99% UV protection, and up to 88% to 90% heat rejection without interfering with signals from electronic devices. 

Level 4 – Stratos Window Film (Ceramic)

Shades of Stratos Available:

Formula One Stratos is Llumar’s highest performance automotive window film. This material provides glare reduction, privacy, aesthetics, 99% UV protection, and blocks up to 97% of the infrared heat.

AIR80 Window Film (Ceramic)

Llumar Air80 is our lightest shade of Ceramic film available. This material blocks 99% UV and 86% infrared heat while being virtually clear.

Additional Information About Automotive Window Tint

Did you know window film doesn’t have to be dark to perform?

This may come as a surprise, but window film doesn’t have to be dark to perform. We offer film options that are light and almost invisible, giving you all the benefits of reducing 99% of the harmful UV rays as well as blocking up to 97% of the infrared heat, without a “dark tinted window look.”

By reducing the heat that comes through your car windows, you’ll be more comfortable and relaxed. Once the sun goes down, the high optical clarity of the lighter shades will not impede your night driving vision. We offer several types of film technology to achieve an extraordinary level of heat rejection even when using the lighter shades. Designed with your car’s electronic accessories in mind, these films are non-metalized, non reflective, and do not interfere with cell phones, radios, radar detectors or GPS.

Lifetime Warranty

We know how important your car is to you. Elite Window Tinting wants to be a part of keeping your vehicle looking good and maintaining its value. With nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, we know that Llumar Formula One products are the best quality material available. Produced by the highest quality window film manufacturer in the United States, Llumar products have been made in Martinsville, VA, for the last 50 years. Your car is covered by a Transferable Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty, no matter what film is installed. This means no color change, fading, blistering, distortion, or peeling. Each customer receives Manufacturer’s Warranty Paperwork upon completion.

Why you should add high performance window film to factory privacy glass?

Factory glass is intended to provide privacy and glare reduction but does not provide complete solar protection like our window films. Since children and pets are often passengers in the rear seats of SUV’s, crossovers, mini-vans and trucks, our window films can be applied to privacy glass to protect them from harmful UV rays and excessive heat. Adding a lighter shade with a premium film over privacy glass can drastically reduce the heat while maintaining the same appearance.

Stay cool while your camping

Lets not forget about your RV. Whether you have a 40’+ diesel pusher or a small trailer, having the windows tinted will help keep you and your family cool while you’re enjoying vacation. It can add privacy, allowing you to roll the shades up and enjoy the beautiful scenery you traveled to see. Our materials block 99% of the damaging UV which will help preserve your interior for years to come.

What Are The Window Tinting Laws

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